A Viking/Death Metal band from Egypt? That’s definitely something different, new and interesting in our scene. Thorvald was formed in 2013 and takes from the Vikings Mythology essence to create their music. The band faced a lot of questioning about their lyrical theme and their music style. They are currently preparing for their first EP release and they released two tracks already. Check our review about their second single ‘Nordic March’.

One word will sum up all the talking; they are highly influenced by Amon Amarth. Even the lyrics talked about the traditional topics of Amon Amarth “Wars and fights to conquer more lands.” If you are a fan of Amon Amarth you will distinguish that easily.


The music also was deeply influenced by Amon Amarth. Their music took me to the land of the Vikings with their strength, wars, fights and gods with ‘Nordic March’ powerful and strong tunes, catchy melodies and attractive solo. The vocals were incredible! They were like the actual screams of Viking warriors. All the lines of the track were highly organized and all the lines were put accurately together. The volume of each was excellent, no line louder than the other or faster, all served in one harmony. I loved the way, which the solo was represented; the melodies of the guitar break them all and force them to take a calm direction. The guitar proudly roared, “I am the king here.”

A final note about the vocals, though, Amr Hossam’s performance with Thorvald hundred times better than his performance with Excimer. This track is definitely a 9 out of 10.

Although Thorvald is still considered as a new band in the scene, it has great expectations with positive feedback from the listeners. They are beginners but they are beginning well. Will we have the Egyptian Amon Amarth and Viking Mythology spread more into our scene? Listen to ‘Nordic March’ and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Edited by: NJ Bakr