Chuck Pryzbal

Michelles hard to describe, but it’s also not. It’s a band, but also, it’s just Michael Daly, the songwriting, multi-instrumentalist frontman whose vision drives every single aspect on the recordings. He calls his (their?) sound a typical Chicago sound, but then goes on to say there isn’t really a Chicago sound. Critics compare their sound with that of Grizzly Bear… if it was presented by 1966’s Bob Dylan. Tricky…

This Tune’s A Circle is a single off of Michelles’s latest album, The Empty Promises Of Rock and Roll. It’s a sprawling, expansive ballad that goes quite a lot of places in its duration. Starting off with a vintage vibe courtesy of the prominent Rotary effect on the keyboards, the dramatic, classical chords, and a short-lived shuffle played on processed hi-hats. The song then heaves through a buzzing synth, boomy drums, mixed in the forefront of the arrangement, in a part that summons the Congratulations era MGMT. Michelles singing is full of character. Nasal, yet powerful and present, he delivers the melodies and the words compellingly, with an intention that demands your attention. The song then moves once more, in a section that’s more harmonically and instrumentally nuanced. Featuring a harrowing synth melody that’s dark and is perfectly complemented by the gritty, scratchy rhythm guitar.

An interesting song with a sound that’s a mix of so many different elements. Hard to describe, it grabbed my attention mere seconds in, and refused to let go until it was over. An easy one to recommend.