Sara Arnold

San Francisco based pop-rock band Gloomy June dropped their latest single “This Party is a Warzone” on the 15th of May 2022. “This Party is a Warzone” is a part of their EP “Popsick” that was out on the 2nd of June 2022 and followed by a southwest tour in June and July, it was written back in 2021 and inspired by the reopening of music venues and going back to partying and how it was never felt the same as before.  

“This Party is a Warzone” will get you directly into the party with its catchy haunting main melody that’ll break into the back of your head and start living there once you hit play. I liked how they kept on playing this melody in different ways throughout the song. Moving to the verse, its backbone is the solid bassline and the flowing, enjoyable guitar lines all in harmony with the energetic moving vocal melody that smoothly escalates into an engaging catchy singalong chorus that’ll get the audience jumping around in gigs. Around the 1:35 min mark, Gloomy June decides to slow things down a little with a brief slow interlude followed by a melodic solo that fits the mood before blasting the chorus for the last time as we head towards the end that closes surely with that haunting melody that started it all.

“This Party is a Warzone” is an example of how to write a catchy enjoyable tune without overdoing or showing off. I believe that if they managed to get it on the radio it’ll gain them more following as it is appealing to a wide range of audiences. I am looking forward to more from Gloomy June, wishing you good luck guys. Cheers!