Imagine this; you’re sitting at a piano playing a sequence of chords then you start talking to yourself, out loud through a soft and soothing melody. That’s exactly how I felt while listening to Calliope Wren’s latest single; “They Don’t Understand Me (Ft. Corbin Bronson).” It’s the type of song you would expect from Calliope, and no one can do it better! She’s always an advocate for mental health and has a high sense of self-awareness which you will notice in her lyrics. Apart from Wren’s beautiful and vibrant vocals, she’s an exceptional songwriter, and let me tell you why.

The song starts with a sequence of piano chords, which remains the main accompanying instrument throughout the song. It is a beautiful conversation between the artist and herself, it portrays an inner struggle that I’m positive each one of us goes through in our own way. She starts by expressing some of the struggles she’s going through, how society’s perception could be overwhelming at times, and how it could be hard to express one’s frustrations. In her opening verse, she says: “Tell me what’s like, to be someone you like, to hold it all together even when it don’t seem right” I think someday I might; it’s always such a fight… Inside my mind.”


Then in her chorus, she reassures herself that it’ll all be ok, that everything will happen, but it takes time, no need to rush. She simply says: Be Patient! 

In the 2nd verse, sound effects and a drumline are added, giving the song a different color and vibe, to pave the way for Corbin Bronson’s subtle and deep vocals to come in and express his frustrations, concerns, and inner thoughts. Together, they intertwine in the chorus with the same reassuring message, that they’re trying their best, encouraging themselves to push further, yet always to remember to take it slow and be patient with themselves. 

The song is beautifully put, easy on the ears, and so catchy that I could sing along by the 3rd listen. Wren has upcoming performances from April through August, don’t forget to check her socials for more details! This is not a performance or an artist you want to miss out on!!