He’s embracing the musical stylings of 70s and 80s megastars like his biggest influence, the American rock band Chicago. One of the reasons why he decided to write and record again, according to an exclusive interview with him, is because he hasn’t been inspired by new music. Like you, I never had heard of him, until I listened to his latest 2021 single is “There’s The Door”. With a quick search, I’ve discovered that his first single “Only Road I Know” was released in Jan same year.


I was drinking my coffee when I first heard “There’s The Door,” yet I couldn’t help but notice that the song gave me more adrenaline and dopamine than the coffee. It has everything I look for in a song: great vocals, lyrics that speak through me and incredible music.

Lyrically speaking, I listened intently to every word and sensed his tone as if he was saying “I’m now a free man who has got his closure and has finally let the abusive love go”. Doug wrote brilliant lyrics that can get right to people hearts and make them relate to their own relationships. It’s clearly to his love partner, but I found it reflexing all kinds of relationships that needed to be left behind, “There’s The Door” if you feel insecure about staying, if you won’t give the same
energy and appreciation and if you don’t know how to love back. “You want freedom, but you’re afraid to be alone” That one really hits hard! It made me think how human begins are selfish and willing to go to any length to avoid being alone, even if it means harming others in the process. The giver person should know when to stop and says to the toxic one: “Guess who won’t be there If you walk away now” and shut the door for good.

On a musical level, you can feel the perfect ‘yacht rock’ vibes. From the intro to the outro, there’s nothing not to adore. The intro sets the tone for a heartfelt single to follow. Instrumentation-wise, Liberty Devitto on drums was spectacular, Bill Champlin magnificent vocals along with Doug’s deep and sensational vocals were absolutely stunning, and not to mention Doug iconic touch on the Keyboards and Guitars. Close your eyes and listen to the spot around “2:15 – 2:40” to get a sense of what I’m talking about.

It’s always a pleasure to hear a new song. This single was unquestionably outstanding. The one thing that’s missing, and something I’d like to see someday, is an official music video that captures these bold emotions and powerful message.

I could go on and on about it, but let’s leave some of it to your imagination. I can assure you that whether you’re a millennial or a gen Z, you’ll probably enjoy it. As long as, you need someone to remind you of your worth and how much you deserve someone who is devoted, committed to be with you and love you passionately, then you need to listen to this song as it will be your reminder. 

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