Mick J Clark’s soulful swoons strike again on the ultra-smooth cut ‘There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do’, a beautiful ballad that revives stylistic musings from eras gone by, executed with love, passion, and an expert’s attention to detail, this cut proves why Mick J Clark he deserves his cult following and growing attention around him.

Croydon-based, Mick J Clark is a British singer and songwriter whose spheres incorporate everything from RnB to pop balladry, passing through soul and country on the way. His silky-smooth voice, rich lyrics, and crystal clean guitar tones collide on ‘There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do’, a soft and lush pop ballad that is drenched with reverb that took me back to Chris Isaac’s 90s soul pop classics, and The Blue Nile’s airy and simplistic ballads.

The difference between Mick J Clark and both Chris Isaac and The Blue Nile lies in the man’s sweet vocals and the exceptional belts he does on the bridges and choruses, the jangly guitars, tones, and restrained performances, and the endlessly plushy chord sequences, gently wrapped in easy to love melodies. Mick J Clark’s songwriter is genial and warm, and this song is solid proof of his talents.

We will never get tired of listening to Mick J Clark’s meaningful words in his heartfelt songs, if anything, we now get excited whenever we get a chance to hear one of his songs because we know that he will reliably deliver.