The lyrics of the song honour the loss of loved ones, however Stephanie has writen it in a way to celebrate them and celebrate their memories together. As the video is filmed in a forest with golden leaves, the song and the lyrics can also reflect the opportunity to celebrate life and enjoy each day as cycles come to an end, they also begin.

The song was inspired on the passing of Eddie Van Halen, one of my favorite guitarists:

“I wanted to create a celebratory song that people can relate to, especially as there have been such difficult circumstances affecting us all during the last couple of years.” –Seymour says.

The uplifting energy and ambience of the song, coming from both its laid-back music composition and sweet vocals, makes this piece a comforting tune.

Seymour seems to have an easy way to connect with people. You can tell that Stephanie puts her heart on each line, as ‘There Was A Time’ can work for people who love sad songs for sad times, and also for those who just need to space out with some positive, cheerful music.

Same energy is percerived when watching the music video, as mentioned before, filmed in a wood that’s going through some vibrant, fall colours, where the band plays and sings along the lines. A perception of bliss and tranquility passes on from the video.


Stephanie is the leading singer of ‘There Was A Time’ has a long history in the industry, and a wider expertise that stays true to Indie/ Alt-Rock music from Ringwood, USA.

Special guests on the track include Ira Elliot (Nada Surf, Bambi Kino) on drums and Bob Perry (Winter Hours) on guitars and bass.

For more, you can checkout her work on Spotify . Also you can visit Stephanie and There Are Birds’ website, or follow them on social media on Instagram and Facebook.




Mercedes Thomas