Credit: Eric Dolan

In their latest release, “There,” Wotts wasn’t in the mood for upbeat rhythms. They would rather take us on an emotive journey backed by a range of emotions, rowing through love waves with a melancholic paddle.

The Canadian pop duo Wotts surprises us with their latest track, “There,” with a new kind of songwriting. As they put it, “We have a habit of making sad happy songs, so we thought it would be funny to flip it and make a happy sad song for once.”

“There” is an intimate song that expresses unconditional love; however, if you’re not an English speaker or didn’t pay attention to the lyrics, you may think it’s a breakup or a depressive song. That’s the beauty of it, to be honest!

The soothing, silky vocals, combined with the dramatic touch, make the trick more believable. The performance can hypnotize you into feeling blue. The minimal musical composition plays its part well too. The song has “The Beatles” influence, which makes it endearing. The piano-driving melody offers such a relaxing state. The warm strings added by a professional violinist are a genuine touch that helps create a dreamy aura.

The Wotts are pushing their boundaries here and offering a truly creative track. It’s heartwarming or heartbreaking. Your call!