Tired all the Time

The Washington, DC-based experimental rock band, Tired all the Time, with an authentic sound and a dream-like vibe, hits us with the dark reality, showing us how the barrier between work and life is razor-thin.

Life feels like some sort of simulation. Whatever decisions we make, we all end up with similar outcomes and relatable sensations. “Tired all the Time” presents these mutual feelings, the pattern we’re all locked into. The band’s brilliant name itself says a lot! In their latest single, “Then and There,” they continue their quest to depict life’s existential turmoil. We begin our lives with the intention of striking a balance and being present in all aspects at the same time, but reality beats expectations, and by the end of the day, we’re like a broken CD, repeating:

“What a day

Of who what when and where

It plays again again again…”

Well, maybe not all life elements are working together well, but “Then and There” has its elements aligned and combining perfectly with one another to convey the big picture of the workers’ routine and how it’s sucking life out of them and the band’s genuine sound.

The intro builds the mood for something magical, and the vocals have a pleasant, reassuring tune, which mitigates the impact of the lyrics depicting a zombie’s daily routine. Synth, percussion, and overlapping vocals depict whoever is living this kind of life’s mental conflicts. Alt-rock, post-punk, new wave, and sludge are all here to create a psychedelic atmosphere that will remove the crust from your numbing mind and soul, and tell you, “We get what you feel, budd.” 

What a song

Once you hear it

You’ll play it again again again…