Prepare to be enchanted with Wednesday’s Child of imaginative and out-of-this-world stories in their newest drop ‘ Theda’, an alternative rock tune released as the first single of the band’s upcoming album ‘Seven sisters’ released on the 3rd of March. A 5 piece band, you’ve got a whole girl gang consisting of Alice, Julia, Paula, Ronnie and Terpsichore. The band is based in London, UK, and love making music and writing about mythical creatures and fantasy stories. The band played at the main stage of the Great Estates festival, and there is more to come with their unique musical journey. 

You’ve got so much attitude and whimsical vibes from this band with their alternative approach to music that we absolutely love. You can really feel the ultimate feminine creativity as you enjoy this band’s unique style and taste of music and storytelling. Theda talks about a vampire who devours men and lives in total darkness. It’s good to know that there are people who still want to make music outside of the box, leaving the repetitive and usual stories behind and embarking on new ways and vision for music like Wednesday’s child. The overall sound of the song is hardcore and almost punk with a touch of playfulness from the performers. The musical arrangement is fun and dynamic, and the rock energy is kind of 70’s. You’ve got a cool electric guitar riff, fast drums, and great transitions of pace. You’ve got fun, tricker energy from the vocals. We wish this song was longer so we could enjoy even more how amazing and different this song is.