“With unforgettable lyrics and addictive melodies, the music is percipient, experimental, and relentless.” according to the band own words this summarize their work, and I believe they implement this vision perfectly! When I received “The Witch” I was really amazed by the harmonic melodies over catchy rhythmic riffs, along with powerful and rich vocals. Besides this when you hit the chorus, it’s like they are taking you to a whole new level of harmonies and incredible tightness among the three of them. Well, I believe nothing is better than their own words to describe the lyrics meaning: “This song is heavily influenced by the band’s love for the macabre,” says vocalist/guitarist Phoenix Johnson. “Taking inspiration from works such as ‘The Crucible’ and ‘The Witch’ (2015), the song’s namesake, the lyrics explore humanities constant struggle with belief and the atrocities it can lead us to commit. Although our modern world can be a lot more forgiving at times there are still those who don’t want to be constrained by societal and cultural norms just like yesterday ‘Witches’ and are ostracized for it by those who view it as ‘wrong’ or ‘sinful’.” Now, feel the beauty below! 

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Mena Ezzat