Los Angeles punk band Get Out showcase their knack for heavy hooks, pummeling rhythms, devilish lyrical wit and an unfiltered rebellious spirit on new full-length album cheekily titled “The Violation of Terms and Conditions”. Founded in the mid-90’s, Get Out have had a long and storied career thus far, having released 8 albums and shared the stage with bands like Voodoo Glowskulls, Streetlight Manifesto, and Suburban Legends. With song titles like “Six Feet Apart”“The Right is Wrong” and “The End of Florida”Get Out have no shortage of grievances to air out on this dynamic new collection.

The band expand on the album’s title theme: “When we released our last album “We Were Here First” in 2019 it was taken off Apple Music after one week because Apple claimed our album art “violated the terms and conditions”. After we changed the artwork and resubmitted, Apple Music listed it as Metal (it is not) and placed it under a different artist of the same name (we’ve had this name since 1994). We have tried to contact our distributor as well as Apple music so many times and no one will respond to us about it. The first song written for the album Rotten Apple is a criticism of a corrupt corporation that only cares about the elite. Other tracks were inspired by the pandemic of 2020 as well as the state of affairs in our country and society.”

Press via Independent Music Promotions