For almost 40 years guitarist/songwriter John DePatie has been rocking and shredding on stage and in studios, he played guitar backing Nancy Sinatra and Leif Garrett, he co-wrote Acoustimania with Wrecking Crew session legend Don Randi, co-wrote the Jezebel album for Cathouse Thursday (commissioned by Sonoton) with Will Faerber and Aaron Bagley, scored the cartoon film Seaper Powers’ full length alongside a number of compositions and other scores. He decided to start the musical group The DePatie Melt with rotational music guests playing John’s original music. 

“The Viking Princess and The Troll King” is The DePatie Melt’s latest release, written, recorded and performed by DePatie and artwork was done by The Reddot. If you are looking for something bluesy to lighten your mood then you need to check it out, although it was released only as a video couple of years ago, John DePatie decided to give it a proper release on the 1st of April 2022 and man, we’re lucky he did that

“The Viking Princess and The Troll King” is a cool breeze of flowing guitar melodies played over a dreamy rhythm that I can listen to non-stop. John DePatie lays some amazing mellow guitar work that shows his great sense of melody, everything is done carefully and neatly with no showing off or overdoing anything and it’s a great tune for improvisation, it can get an extended version when it is played live. 

“The Viking Princess and The Troll King” is a chilling musical trip that I believe I will be playing more, totally recommended for guitar driven music fans and for anyone who likes good music, it will definitely leave you wanting more.

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