From the name, we can deduce that The Thunder has some religious connotations, and listening to it, this becomes clear. A bold choice that will polarize listeners. Let’s dig a little deeper.

The Thunder is the latest single from American singer/songwriter Gedalya, who goes by the name Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi. Gedalya is very proud of this song. He really believes in its message, which makes its delivery rather honest and pure.

The song itself is simplistic. With an understated arrangement that features Gedalya’s piano and distinctive voice, with airy, soaring pads, and an intense, pounding drum line. The lyrics, on the other hand, are introspective and intelligent. Perhaps the delivery feels awry and a little awkward at times, but the honesty and conviction throughout the performance is undeniable. While having a religious undertone, the song sounds universally accessible and relatable, generally dealing with our own shortcomings and our own constructed support systems to deal with them. For Gedalya, as far as I understand, prayer does this job, and for me this is comforting and reaffirming.

Gedalya’s The Thunder is a heartfelt, intimate, and personal song that sounds intense and emotional. Gedalya’s heartfelt delivery and contemplative words make it compelling, and the warm, soothing arrangement makes it reassuring. Beautiful, and quick to the heart.