Kirsty Levett

Dark, unapologetic, revolutionary, and realistic. That’s what Mules’s The Things We Learn in Books is. Driven by the Post-Punk sound, the song delivers a loud and clear message.

Mules is a four-piece band hailing from Brighton, UK, consisting of Tommy Vincent (vocalist and songwriter), Louis May (guitarist), Mark Conford (bassist), and Sam Luck (drummer). Each one of them adds authenticity to the group, and their chemistry is shown clearly in their songs.

“The things we learn in books don’t teach us about heartbreak.” That’s what the vocalist screams bitterly in their latest song, “The Things We Learn in Books.” Based on the well-chosen lyrics, I don’t think they’re talking about a love story gone bad kind of heartbreak rather than a heartbreak caused by suffering as a result unjust systems, control, hegemony, and capitalism. Even if books took us through the misery of Sisyphus and his rook, it was still nothing compared to the reality.

Another thing you don’t learn in books is how to be a professional musician, playing your heart out for a cause like these guys.  Their heavy style, with the killer guitar riffs and the straightforward banging drums, polishes the message they’re conveying. The vocals’ Rap-ish performance makes you get that the lines aren’t written randomly and are picked for a reason and screaming the chorus with passion demonstrates the revolt spirit.

If you ever feel like you’re bound and can’t break free, Mules are here to make you feel less lonely with their sincere, punching songs. You could start getting to know them by listening to “The Things We Learn in Books” below: