The Survival Code is an English alternative rock band formed in 2011. The band released their debut EP in 2012 titled Everything But Today and their debut studio album released in 2015 entitled, MMXV. The Survival Code just released their latest EP last year in September and titled Broken Strings. The EP included 3 tracks which the second single “”One”” released on January 20 via IRL.

Mainly, the band got several fine feedback from many strong platforms like;, New Nosie Magazine, Abort Magazine, Reverb Room and, which is well deserved indeed.

The EP started with a self-titled song. The band is very nice with using catchy riffs over stylish way of singing. As they sound so modern, their old-school spirit is very obvious through their song structure and lyrical themes’ direction. The chorus is mainly my favorite part in Broken Strings (the song). Also, I won’t forget to mention the enthralling bridge of the track which lead to a nice conclusion.


‘One’, also another single release from the album and gonna be released on January 20th via IRL. First of all, I really enjoyed the song style so much, and the guitar lines are remarkable indeed. So live! As a guy who cares so much about song movement, the track bridge was unique. However, I was expecting a solo afterwards, but it end well too.

‘Lost Cause’ is the final track of the EP. The good thing about this track is the diversity the band delivered. As I see it, the first two tracks are kinda similar in style, ‘Lost Cause’ though, was giving a different flavor to the band’s fans. Smooth riffs, catchy melody, and nice shaped vocal lines indeed.

Finally, I do recommend alternative rock lovers to check this EP. I’d give it 8 out of 10. And for sure The Survival Code is one of bands that I would be very interested to listen to their upcoming releases really.

Edited by: NJ Bakr