“The Storm” by Loss is one of those genre-defining songs. It’s as if those songs have the tags “Stoner Rock” and “Stoner Metal” written all over it.


The track begins with a riff that’s equal parts melodic and groovy…and sure to get you bamging your head along to its drum fills. The bass guitar is efficient and effective for the riff to sound the way it does, and we have to thank the producer(s) of the track for giving us such clarity and balance in the levels of each instrument. 

With that being said, some elements dominate over the others of course due to the ferocity of the band’s genre and style. Take for instance, the wonderfully produced vocals. Every scream or yell from the vocalist makes you feel like you’re jamming with the band in their studio- effects and gimmicks (if any) are kept to a minimum. I really love how the guitars keep some chunky grooviness amidst their melodic lines. 

As for the drums, they felt real and natural enough so that the verse lines are calmer than those of the main riff and chorus. We all love a drummer that’s dynamic and writes thoughtful lines like these. 

The guitar solo was the most epic section of the track in my opinion. Not only because of the solo itself, but because the accompanying rhythm guitar and bass that have special lines for that parts instead of replicating what they did on the verses and chorus. It’s a very rich and dense arrangement and yet it still manages to be catchy and get stuck in the listeners head at the first listen.

All in all, this is a track for the fans of the likes Black Label Society, Phil Anselmo‘s Down, and Ozzy-era Black Sabbath who are looking for a modern band that still has new ideas to offer in the Stoner genre. Think of Loss as a band that incorporates every trope and staple you like from these genres, but with their own personality and percussive/melodic balance added on top of it. Highly recommended track.