Philadelphia, PA – The Stone Eye Release Their New Single “NOT MY CIRCUS”. The Stone Eye is that spot on the sun that burns a memory into each layer of immersive sound. Not to be placed in a box, their stylistic music continues to be released with “NOT MY CIRCUS”.

‘”Not My Circus”  was conceived following a couple of unique events- firstly, seeing Ween live and experiencing them absolutely shred my (Steve) face-off at the Met Theater in December of 2021, and my buddy Mike Matteson telling me that “You should write more songs in four with an easily identifiable rhythm”.


Experiencing Ween live, had inspired me to try and write a song that was a bit out there for us style-wise, yet have it still maintain that Stone Eye sound and feel. Mike’s words definitely played a role in the songwriting process as well, as I tried not to veer too far off the deep end when it came to rhythmic experimentation within the riffs and keep it relatively grounded and (mostly) in four. Lyrically, it’s a jab at the whole indie/hipster world following some heat I received for my Doordash on tour comments in the twitter-verse. It’s about as autobiographical as I have ever been!” – Stephen Burdick


Video directed & edited by: Stephen Burdick.


Recorded by: Michael Kerchner, Stephen Burdick

Mixed by: Stephen Burdick

Mastered by: Paul Logus (PDX Mastering)

Produced by: The Stone Eye

Lyrics by: Stephen Burdick

Music by: The Stone Eye

Press via Song River