One of the aspects that first got me into heavier genres of music, specifically rock, when I was younger was the immense emotional support and self-help I could get from their lyrics. A prime example of rock songs that pack such a powerful message is the newest track from Bright Tree Village entitled “The Spark”.

The song begins with an acoustic guitar chord progression and soft drumming, the vocals and bass join to complete the atmosphere. The distortion in the vocalist’s chest register sounds so perfectly balanced between being aggressive and empowering…so it’s not like he’s pissed off but more like he’s yelling and exclaiming the powerful statements that the song is trying to make. As the verse progresses, we can hear a piano playing to complement the melody, and the chorus has a chuggy riff more akin to hard rock. I love that variety the band has got- you won’t find a section that’s carbon-copying the one before it.

After the chorus came an amazing bridge section followed by one last chorus, which had additional vocals (probably from the rest of the band members) that sang in perfect harmony with each other. The presence of these voices increased the sense of solidarity and empowerment that was already established by the song’s chord progression and “self-help” lyrics. 

While the term “self-help” was used by the band themselves to describe the song, I think a more fitting description of this song would be a “self-empowering” rock anthem. For it’s a piece that spares no chance to empower its listeners with every note and every heartfelt lyric…I promise you’ll have the chorus stuck in your head for a long while after you’ve finished listening to this tune…I highly recommend it for your dark days and desperate times.