This song hits in all the right places —the music knows how to go up and down to keep it engaging, the vocals show confidence and know when to let loose and when to keep up with the melody.


‘The South’ is the latest release by Harrison Rimmer. When composing the track, Rimmer says he attempted to combine his love of rockabilly with punk. Still, we also find hints of Rhythm and Blues; whenever the signing goes from rock’n’roll to a brassy, soulful swing. 

Some of the key artists that influenced and inspired his style are Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash, saying that is that type of music he feels a special connection with whenever it is playing live. 

When it comes to the lyrics, the UK-based artist says that with ‘The South’, he wanted to honour the songwriting process while also referring to how people nowadays have a high dependency on their phones and how we use social media to rank each other in society.

“I was trying to convey the feeling of writing a song and hoping that something might happen, from struggling to come up with the concept to dreaming of success.” —Harrison Rimmer.

Throughout the song, he also name drops two of his closest friends, Gaz Rowntree’s piece in the second verse, “Cards Are Showing Down”, and “Spanish David” —both of who were a great support and influence in his music career and exploration.

Harrison Rimmer showcases strong composition and singing capabilities. ‘The South’ is the type of track that, when it plays, you just wanna hit the road against an epic sunset for no real reason. 

So off we go until we meet again. We look forward to the next epic piece by Rimmer.