Tiki Black’s smooth operatic and throaty emotionalism could be found in multiple places across the album. In “A Ghost of Me” adds to the evocative quality of a song that describes a past lover’s haunting of her loved one’s memories. “Nobody Knows” benefits from the power of Tiki’s vocals to deepen the mood and bring out the indigo pleasures of the track’s overall sound, a perfect mix of piano and percussions. “The Crown’s Crumbs” is a dazzling and multi-layered track of ancient-to-future music with Tiki’s piano, Danny Shaw’s percussions, and Serge Tagné Tebu’s piano and bass giving the track a blues, operatic quality that adds to the power of the vocals with an easy-listening feel which creates a moody song with ballroom dance quality. “Colour Me Blue” is fun to listen to, with great percussions and a sultry vocal performance from Tiki that invites the listener to a blues & jazz bar where they are the sole attendees, watching as the iconic singer manifests through the clouds of smoke. The album’s titular track “The Sound of The Broken Wand” carries the weight of the whole album and conveys key messages that Tiki wants to deliver, of women’s resilience, survival, and how art brings out the birth amidst destruction.
The Sound of the Broken Wand is an homage to jazz and folk artistry, using Tiki Black’s powerful vocals and the perfect blend of sound to create wonders with every new step taken in the musical realm.


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Jaylan Salah