From his very first single release, songwriter, and producer KAYBLE left his mark on the audience with his debut single “Into the Nightmare” which reached over 2.5K streams on Spotify only, followed by his 2nd single and the first release this year “Thorns in a Glass House” that reached over 7k streams in just a few months. After the success of these 2 singles, the artist was recognized by BBC Bristol Radio and Continental Radio who played his music.

KAYBLE hits once again with his latest release “The Silence You Asked For”, an alternative art rock track with some dark elements and gothic vibes, a mix between darkness and dreaminess. The song has very interesting contrasts; between an intense, striking drumline and some sweet guitar tunes that shift to edgy and deep guitar riffs throughout the song. Another element of contrast that adds volume and layers to the song was the backing vocals; a mix of high-pitched voices singing a series of oohs and ahhs accompanied by a deep monster-like voice echoing in the background, going back and forth. You can sense a conversation throughout the song demonstrated wonderfully through the drum’s pauses and beats. 

The artist has a vision and a goal of inspiring others and giving the audience something with substance, not just something to listen to and forget the next day. He wants to connect with his listeners through his deep lyrics and creative music that hit differently to give them a full experience where they can dig deeper into their own emotions and thoughts.

After a remarkable career kick-off, while he is still a student at BIMM Bristol, studying songwriting, we can’t wait to see what more this talented artist is capable of. 


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