With seasoned members who’ve worked with rock gods like Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, and Queen, comes the American rockers Bad Penny. After collaborating with Rob Halford and Dee Snider on their singles Push Comes to Shove and Army of One respectively, Bad Penny are back again featuring vocalist Corey Glover from Living Colour on their new masterpiece The Shadow Still Remains that’ll be out q4th of April 2023, so let me tell how it sounds like.

Corey Glover

Bad Penny takes the listeners by the hand, guiding them through an epic sonic journey that starts right from The Shadow Still Remains‘ intro. It starts with a soothing open sound and bright melodies that keeps on evolving, building up into an uplifting percussive groove. Bad Penny smoothly keeps on pushing their sound forward with escalating dynamics, till they unleash their rocking heavy roots. Their talents and amazing command of their instruments allowed them to write freely, mixing powerful charismatic vocals with hitting riffs, pounding jazzy drumming, shredding guitars, deep bass, and mood-lifting orchestrations in a relentless catchy solid structure that only moves forward, providing the listener with an epically old school rock journey with fluid floating melodies and hard theatrical shifts.

The Shadow Still Remains is a remarkably amazing adventure led by Bad Penny. It is a live demonstration of their top-notch writing skills and musicianship, as they perfectly controlled the song’s dynamics without compromising the build-up or losing the mood by giving all that they have, creating a stream of melodies and grooves bound together in a well-crafted solid structure. Will be looking forward to more from Bad Penny, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!

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