The American singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer Kama Tala released his latest single “The Sentinel” whichwas written during a difficult time after a breakup. Feeling lost, the songwriter found inspiration on the anniversary of the relationship, coinciding with Taylor Swift’s concert in Denver. Despite the melancholy, the songwriter composed the song during a rainstorm, capturing emotions and creating a demo.

I am drawn to songs that express our struggles in specific situations and relationships. The artist’s passionate vocals were the main attraction of the track for me. The blend of vintage vibes presented in a solid rock format was truly captivating and caught my attention effortlessly. The song was crafted spontaneously, with 75% of the lyrics being improvised during the initial recording. Kama, contributing on bass and drums, added a grounding presence swiftly. Later, keys were introduced in a single take to finalize the track. The creative process felt like channeling emotions without overthinking, resulting in raw and honest vocals. This unconventional method of writing and recording produced something distinctive compared to contemporary music. Ultimately, this uniqueness is what sets the song apart. “Now let’s get this straight, it’s incredibly unprofessional to record with windows open while it’s raining but in that moment I just didn’t give a shit and I say it right in the lyrics. The fuzz from the rain can be heard on the vocal tracks…maybe I discovered some recording secret? The next week I spent some time fine-tuning parts of the lyrics but the core of the song was written in 15 minutes. ”Kama Tala explained.

I believe Kama Tala will emerge as one of the most significant songwriters soon. In my view, the international music scene currently lacks the genuine creativity that reflects our lives rather than just following trends. Thank you, Kama, for your music!