Well, I got the chance to review The Secret Storm‘s new album and I really like it. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the genre, I really loved it. It has a classic vibe yet it sounds like modern rock.

First off I gotta give credit to the sound engineers who did the mixing and mastering. Their work was impeccable. However, the guitar tones were sometimes a bit too distorted for the song, this could be an intentional tone for all I know, but the other instruments sounded really good and the vocals were clear.

The music is really good and really varies from track to track, making the EP quite a fun ride to take. The guitars are really beautiful, and really gain pace when they need to, while the second track has mellow guitar and piano instrumentals with matching vocals.

The bass guitar compliments both the drums and guitar(s) while holding everything together. There is also the occasional violin which is most obvious on the title track ‘The Dragon’, it really fits the music and I love it. The overall music is beautiful and fans of the genre would definitely appreciate it.

Should you listen to the EP? Definitely, it’s a really good bend of oldies and modern music, and the album cover looks like someone was high on magic mushrooms while drawing it.

Written by: Youssef Nagy
Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie