Kill The Kid and their infectious riffs deliver 3 new songs on their latest, super tight EP, titled The Secret. Tasty guitars, rocking grooves, and charismatic vocals all make the sound of Kill The Kid quintessentially hard rock. Rich, heavy, and loud.

Based in London, Kill The Kid are a rock outfit composed of 4 members. They describe their sound as rock, leaning to southern and country music, with punk and rock’n’roll thrown in for good measure, creating what can be called a very refreshing blend of styles. The Secret showcases this blend rather capably with its 3 well-constructed and well-performed songs.

Starting with the outlaw riffs of the starting, title track, the song is a fusion between the rocking charisma of Bon Jovi and gritty abrasiveness of Queens of the Stone Age, all delivered in Kill The Kid’s very own flavor. The guitars are lush, the melodies are anthemic, and the riff is rather infectious. An earworm of a starter with chorused, distorted solos, and soaring vocals. ‘Justice’ is brooding and dark, with a drum part heavy on tomtoms and sludgy tones from the guitar and bass. The riffs are ominous, and the pace is slower for the effect of a generally heavier sound. ‘Do It All Again’ displays the band’s affinity for country and southern music, and the delightful twist they introduce to the genres’ typical sounds. Introducing the bass at a rather later stage of the song leaves space and time for the succulent drum shuffle to bask in the spotlight. The song’s riffs and quick pace are high-octane and exciting.

The Secret is a tiny EP that puts into display all that makes Kill The Kid special. With a sound that’s a whole ocean far away from home, Kill The Kid takes delightful liberty with the base upon which country and outlaw music are based, delivering a superb blend that’s brash and heavy-handed, while being calculated and intricately written.