Dom Malin’s lyrical and musical poetry returns, delicate and polished as ever, with his latest indie folk release, titled The Sea.

A Birmingham-based singer and songwriter, Dom Malin has been carefully honing his craft for years, since he received his first electric guitar at the age of 12. What we have today is an artist who is wholly immersed in his craft, coming out with sensual pieces of lovingly crafted, lively pop-folk songs that feature at their forefront Malin’s organic and imperfectly perfect guitars and vocal performances. 

The Sea, Dom’s latest single is a gently stormy song. Malin’s charming voice leads the way with tender, uplifting melodies and his characteristic, nasal, and heartwarming timbre. With a core of steady acoustic balladry, The Sea heavily feature electric guitar ornamentation. Using the same Elpico amplifier the Kinks used on their smash hit You Really Got Me on the outro lick, the presence of electric guitar on The Sea is vitalizing, adding a depth to the energy that the song’s heartwarming composition provides.

The Sea isn’t Dom Malin’s first hit, and it won’t be his last. A talented songbird, Malin’s songwriting is fresh and his lyrics are rich, and that makes his latest release a gentle and rewarding piece of colorful and bright indie folk.