I’ve heard and reviewed enough Chucky Trading Co music to consider myself a biased fan. Even before I played “The Scars of Our War,” I knew I’d love it. No worries though; witnessing that it’s worthy to be liked and put on your cozy playlist is sincere because it stems from its ethereal ambiance, not from me being a charmed fan.

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Chucky Trading Co is the result of a collaboration between songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett Young. They create a graceful canvas with the delicacy of folk fabrics that can’t be found anywhere else. 

“The Scars of Our War” is a title that gives a spooky chill, yet the single itself offers a peaceful atmosphere through the sentimental storytelling, the warm instrumentation, and the serene, emotional vocals.

Gentle guitar chords open the song, giving it a magical calming effect that wasn’t expected by the single’s title. Once the vocals enter, one is immediately melted by the heat of the sweaty, soulful voice. The melody, along with the vocals, progresses ardently to keep you at the same pace as the rhythm of the story.

The lyrical content’s prowess allows you to imagine a scene where it’s all grey and cold, but soon turns warm with a bright light on the horizon, as you feel light like you’re no longer carrying the weight of a loss inside you.

After being gently touched over time by the guitar’s and the keyboard’s delicate playing, the heart jumps at the emotional strings. All the instruments skillfully harmonize with the vocals and keep ascending with the climax of the story. Especially in the chorus, where it feels like an intense chant to open a loved one’s grave. 

The song’s own lyric, “A chill air makes the candle flicker.” perfectly capture the mood of this tune. Listen to it below to get a sense of that.