Time to meet the punks from the Bronx, everyone these are The Scales.

The band consists of Rootsman Dyre on bass and lead guitar, Von Skipp on lead guitar, bass, vocals & drums, & last but not least…Camp Cougar rhythm guitar, vocals and drums. They were founded in Bronx, New York since 2008, and produced a few tracks. We may not know that much about them but they have described themselves in their biography as “The Bronx’s finest killer punk band. This trio delivers a raw and visceral experience as they take you beneath the surface and into the murky depths of punk rock.” and compared themselves to The Foo Fighters and The Ramones.

Now in my opinion they are not like any punk band I’ve ever heard (not even close) as their music is too noisy, non-understandable or over repetitive lyrics, and the only “beneath the surface” they’ve taken me under is my blanket with headphones in my ear listening to the sweet Jazz of Caro Emerald just to comfort me! Seriously these guys gave me the extreme Goosebumps! If not their voodoo-like profile/band photos then it’s their disturbing music video, and this weird coming from me as I do enjoy a good horror but not this “horror”.

So, a word for the weak hearted don’t watch their videos, and those who wish to keep the sweet memories you had listening to your favourite Punk-Rock bands (e.g. the Ramones, Foo Fighters or Green Day) but still want to give The Scales a try… Then I wish you all the best but please note that you have been warned. Good Luck. “And May The Force Be With You…”