The first single “The Road Song” from their upcoming second album Hardened blends metal, grunge, blues, and all spectrums of rock from classic to hard rock. It has the precisely defined hard rock sound and the exceptionally catchy and poetic lyrics that distinguish Finnish rock bands from others in the same genre. Their crunching guitars have a retro vibe that mixes auditory intrigue with angst-heavy lyrics that dominate the song, creating a high contrast between the poetic words and the intensive roasted rock sound.

Rough Grind already has one debut album Pieces of Resistance (2020) and 3 EPs Son of A Gun (2014), Four For The Road (2017), and Trouble Or Nothing (2018) to their name. Their music tackles angsty issues that dominate the grunge/hard rock platform from injustices in the world to talking about pain. Believing that only fools don’t love rock’n’roll, Rough Grind is grinding their way through an ambiguous though enriched rock and metal scene, soon to be leaving their handprint in the concrete; wet but solid.

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Jaylan Salah