Mixing their diverse influences, Operation Garland dropped their latest single The Right Pill. With a rocking pace and an acoustic approach, they are about to introduce you to the next addition to your “Favorites” playlist and if you’re in London, make sure to catch those guys on Friday, May 12 at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, you can easily book your ticket from here

But first, let me tell you about The Right Pill


Operation Garland opened The Right Pill with a warm country sound mixed with a subtle rocking groove and attitude. They have an easy-going fluid writing style that clearly shows in their organically flowing melodies and dynamic uplifting structure. Operation Garland‘s well-orchestrated vocal harmonies played a major role in their sound’s uniqueness, giving them a bigger, multi-layered sound and helping bring multiple emotions to the table. I loved how that deep bass plays a major role in their songwriting, especially when used toward the end alongside that heavy guitar strumming, synth melodies, and escalating vocals creating a wall of sound that pushed forward into a more dynamic area with engaging singalong vibes, I believe that could be one of their live hits.  

The Right Pill has an unstoppable ramp progression that keeps on building up right from its beginning, with some well-written and carefully arranged groovy melodies in a solid relentless structure all within a warm production and delivery, creating a chill mood that’ll make you want to drink and singalong with those guys, which can be done if you caught them on their next gig on May 12 at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, London. Buy you ticket here.

I will be looking forward to more from Operation Garland, cheers guys!