With mixed heavy influences and deep roots in the world of rock n roll, The Venus Figurines dropped their single The Real Me on the 28th of April 2023. Showing their diverse writing and true musicianship, these guys are going to take you on a blasting energetic ride. Let me tell you more about it. 

Opening The Real Me with an intimidating, building-up riff, The Venus Figurines cement their 90s alternative/punk-ish sound. Their flow sends a lot of memories that brought me back to 90s/early 2000s rock’s golden days, as they cleverly crafted their dynamic structure with a catchy vocal melody and guitar riffs at the verse that explodes into a mood booster chorus that’ll send the listeners off their seats with its organic smooth progression. The guitar tone was pretty well produced, perfectly delivering the needed heaviness while maintaining its open sound matching the melodic parts, and pushing the song’s energy forward, with The Venus Figurines‘ chemistry and attitude creating an uplifting sound and groovy flow that’s easily channelled to their audience, I believe this song sounds amazing when played live. 

The Real Me is a solid tune that shows The Venus Figurines well-knowledge of their sound and direction. They managed to deliver a tight piece that shows their roots and influences while adding their own touch, making it sound like nothing else. Looking forward to more from The Venus Figurines, keep on rocking. Cheers!