Based in Mansfield, UK, The Publics are composed of Josh Porter (Vocals/Guitar), Elliot Stephenson (Lead Guitar), Ollie Siggee (Drums), Tom Scott (Bass) and Taylor Gadsby (Keys/Guitar). The five-piece have spent the last twelve months performing wherever possible, tagging themselves as powerhouses thanks to support slots alongside The Sherlocks and The Lottery Winners, and a sold-out headliner at Nottingham’s The Bodega. As well as this, they made their festival debut at the likes of YNOT?, Splendour and Camper Calling.

The Publics’ latest single has now arrived in the form of ‘Red Flag Verified’, showcasing a distortion-drenched roar that leaves a shiver running down your spine, whilst a vocal performance nostalgic of the noughties rock scene complements the chugging backdrop. Alongside these arrive charging drum rhythms and soaring guitar solos, all coming together for an explosive stadium filler that’s an infectious mix of musicianship and raw energy.   

The band add, ”Red Flag Verified marks a new chapter for us as a band and acts as the foundation for what we have in store for 2024 and beyond. When writing the track our focus was to push our Indie Rock style to its heaviest state, highlighting each members’ abilities but particularly our new members, Tom and Ollie, in the bass and drums.

The story of the single follows a group of girls mocking their once ‘friend’ for chasing an escape from their 9 to 5 life, where our position as songwriters’ switches from the perspective of the girls to one of a narrator’s view which adds greater details to the story and acts as a devil’s advocate.

Whilst discussing mature themes we wanted to approach the topic from a ‘school-kid bullying’ perspective, highlighted most notably in the ‘Da da da’ section of the song. This not only reflects our writing focus but also plays to the strengths of our audience participation within our live shows.

We knew very early that Red Flag Verified would act as a huge opener to our live set due to the immense energy in the opening to the single. We also hope that this will catch the attention of a wider audience of listeners as we enter the next stage of our careers.”

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