Photo by Kate Dockeray

M’Grasker are a coven of humanoid meat sacks forged in the Vats of Creation by Dr. Gorp, himself. Their mission: to Rock. However, they are also permitted to Roll. Human terminology might define them as a “band,” however they would be more accurately described as Biological Property of M’Graskorp Unlimited Enterprises and Subsidiaries of the GlanGlan Group.

After a sufficiently long gestation period in Dr. Gorp’s humong creation tanks, the lovable lads from lab 7 were able to record and write the song, “She’s Drugs,” ahead of schedule/budget. “She’s Drugs” is a song about how love is the only drug we need, except for some of the other drugs we still need.

The band is legally obligated to be happy to announce their third offering: M’Grasker by M’Grasker, due in 2024. M’Graskorp’s renowned legal team compelled Jesse Turnbull (Taurus Music) and Dave Monks (of Tokyo Police Club) to engineer and produce the album.

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