With determination to make his mark on the music scene, the Nashville-based artist/music producer Garland Kelley is planning a series of shows and releases in 2023. Starting this series with the new single The Point of No Return, a melodic anthem drawing attention to what we’ve been doing to our planet and where we’re going with these actions in a catchy and emotional structure that can easily slip into your “2023 favorites” playlist. Let me tell you more about it.

The Point of No Return‘s energetic groove is set right from its intro with an engaging drum line, and groovy melodic riff and bass line. Garland Kelley‘s guitar tune is smooth and warm matching his voice, and both alongside his fluid writing style created a laid-back streaming structure with beautiful inviting melodies that’ll instantly turn you into a fan. Kelly‘s mellow vocal delivery makes you pay attention to his words and that’s a key element especially when he’s addressing such a subject that matters to us all, and his multi-layered riff writing and how he managed to cleverly create a bass/guitar conversation made things even more interesting.

The Point of No Return is such a well-written and arranged melodic message from Garland Kelley. Kelley managed to create a very unique mix on this one, producing a dynamic and hooking structure with smooth melodies and an overall chill sound while keeping his message loud and clear within a solid structure and flow, giving each and every element a special place to shine. I’ll be looking forward to more from Garland Kelley, keep on rocking my friend. Cheers!