The American thrash metal band, Frequency Overload, unveiled their latest single lyric video “The Pain Factor” from their debut album “Fate Anthropic,” scheduled for release this spring.

The strong opening of the track immediately caught my interest, as I’ve been longing for this heavy, intense sound. The lyrics revolve around the perspective of an individual struggling with self-harm; according to Frequency Overload, “The Pain Factor” was crafted to delve into the mindset of self-mutilation.

The raw guitar sounds, tight drumming, and powerful vocals were able to do a great revival for the golden US thrash metal era of the 80s. Although I like fusion by merging two different styles, still, the old-school sound will remain my best choice. While listening to Frequency Overload, I had nothing but keep banging the whole track with their energetic riffs and spirit. 

In addition, I want to emphasize the professional aspect here. As per their press information, Tom Bush, the lead vocalist of Frequency Overload, endured the loss of two brothers and his mother within a six-week period starting on October 10th, 2023. Despite facing these difficult times, my heartfelt condolences go out to him. I am truly impressed by his resilience and dedication, returning to the studio to carry on working on their debut album “Fate Anthropic,” channeling his pain into the production process.

If you’re craving that raw, old-school metal sound, I suggest adding Frequency Overload to your music collection. I’m eagerly anticipating their debut full-length album too.