The dynamic duo Dream Trippers take us on a nostalgic existential journey with their 60’s psychedelic rock influenced debut single “The Original Atom”.

The duo Dream Trippers consists of Bob Workman on drums, percussion and vocals and Brian Cottrill on guitar, bass, keyboards, electric sitar and vocals. Despite just having started the Dream Trippers, their harmony runs deep as they join forces in Cottrill’s solo project and in 2 other bands The Grey Agents and Saints of the Holler. They released “The Original Atom” announcing and teasing their upcoming self-titled album set to be released on the 10th of next February.

“The Original Atom” has a 60’s rock nostalgic feel with its catchy loopy electric sitar riff, one chord crunchy guitar, old school rock beat, and melodic bass line in the chorus. Cottrill starts the song in a spoken word tone, setting the theme of the song as a search for answers and understanding of one’s place in the world and universe. While in chorus he reflects on the idea of being a piece of the original atom, connected to the creation of the universe and how this realisation makes him feel insignificant yet powerful. I definitely recommend “The Original Atom” if you are looking for a 60’s rock original song that’s released with an equally trippy music video. Also the song builds up the hype for their upcoming album which I’m personally excited about.