Stills from the movie courtesy of Third Rail Projects

Lighthearted sound and an overwhelming theme are featured in “The Numbers on the Wall” by the introspective artist Isaiah Singer.

They sometimes describe a musical piece as sounding like heaven yet hurting like hell. Well, Isaiah Singer, the Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, structured his song “The Numbers on the Wall” around ethereal orbits of the finest rock swaying delicate elements, but it has a resonating effect that doesn’t hurt but rather is like glass shuttering, taking one’s mind off what’s beyond it.

“The Numbers on the Wall” appears in the experimental dance film “The Night Garden,” a Global Performance Studio Film in collaboration with Third Rail Projects, which makes sense because the overall vintage vibe offers the feel of a film’s score that evolves into a major hit.

The song begins with a bright intro, followed by emotive rains of rich musicality and a melodic, liberating vocal performance. The instruments are singing on their own, as the guitar riffs are a flawless work of art, and the zealous drumming is refreshing. Meanwhile, it’s hard not to be moved by Isaiah Singer’s soulful vocals, whatever the lyrical content is. The harmonization between his intoxicating, warm voice and heartfelt, spectacular composition makes one sway from the outside and the inside.

“Just be grateful for what you’re given; don’t try to reach for something more.” He sings, and one can’t help but gracefully embrace that.  Each element’s tendency to blend well with the others is a sonic lesson in how to use what you have to create a legendary symphony with your life. Layer after layer in this soothing arrangement gradually creates a reality paradox in which you want to spend the rest of your life. 

A voice that reassures your troubled soul, game-changing lyrics that you need to hear, a psychedelic melody, and tasteful production that turns you into a craving addict are all waiting for you once you press the play button and take a closer look at each number on the wall. Also, to taste a different dose, you can listen to the B-side rocker “In Case This Time.”