Completing their SIN7 series that revolves around the seven deadly sins, the power group Spyderhuff are dropping their single The More That I Get – Greed on the 24th of March, 2023. Featuring Tom Kuhr (lead vocals/synth/banjo), Joey Gaydos Sr. (guitars), Joey Gaydos Jr. (keyboards), Don Beyer (bass/keyboards), Tony Mitchell (backing vocals/congas), Julie Noe (backing vocals), and lyricist Janet Swanson, you’re in for a musical journey that’ll leave you putting it on repeat. Let me tell you more about it.

Spyderhuff opened The More That I Get – Greed with a psychedelic bluesy Pink Floyd-ish intro that set the mood’s footprint. The More That I Get – Greed has some insanely good guitar work, with licks and shredding solos flying everywhere, and a KILLER groove that makes you want it to keep going forever! The vocal melody is so intimidating and in mood and those vocal harmonies were beautifully hypnotizing, the vocal’s fluidity went along perfectly with the organic, improvisational guitar work, and the spacey atmospheric effects made their sound even more significant and more profound. Spyderhuff created a really clever and catchy structure, it feels like an unstoppable flow with dynamic enjoyable twists and turns that were well-written and arranged.

Spyderhuff shows off their fantastic writing skills and musicianship in The More That I Get – Greed. It’s a solid progressive tune with psychedelic influences and loads of eargasmic bluesy guitars, all within a groovy energetic structure that grabs the listener’s full attention. Will definitely be looking forward to more from Spyderhuff, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!