Garnering over 45 million global streams to date, The Man Who have proven that their signature blend of rock meets pop anthems are a welcome addition to today’s genre-defying landscape. With their music becoming the backdrop of the North American sports scene, top tier sync features rolling in, and smashing alt rock radio airplay, The Man Who are redefining what it means to be a Canadian rock band.

Now, they unveil an evocative cover of “Dreams” by ’90s alt icons The Cranberries. “An incredible song can transcend time and space,” The Man Who states. “‘Dreams‘ is one of those songs, so putting our own darker spin on it felt so therapeutic.”

Separated by over 2000 miles, The Man Who formed after several writing trips led to settling in Toronto, ON. Experimenting with anything they could get their hands on, they developed their sound in a basement studio, demoing song after song. Whether writing with an acoustic guitar or a fuzzed out bass and an 808, The Man Who pushes the barriers of rock and pop.

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