Thank you Southern Ohio for bringing up a great band that succeeded in taking us back in time by combining blues and classic rock. The Magic Lightinin’ Boys is a band formed by the lead vocalist Casey Gomez who did not fail in adding heartfelt lyrics in the album Stealin’ Thunder that was released on the 6th of May 2016, even after going through a hard experience after his wife passed away due to cancer. Modernizing classic rock and blues is definitely not easy but the band did a great job doing so. Their attitude and style speaks volumes.

As soon as I played their music all I could imagine was being at a concert that had B.B King, Chuck Berry, Led Zeppelin and a bit of Stevie Ray all at the same time on the same stage. Their 8th track ‘The Ride’ will literally take you on a long one as well as one of my favorite tracks ‘Rubber Side Down’ which is absolutely amazing, the harmonica in the beginning and Ticher’s solo will take your breath away and free your mind.

I absolutely recommend everyone to check these boys out their swampy touch of blues are undeniable.

Edited by: NJ Bakr