Rene Sagnelli is an American guitarist, producer, composer music teacher, and touring guitarist who has been putting his music capabilities to good use working on his own signature sound in progressive and hard rock music as we’ll see on his debut single “The Machine” that we will be reviewing today.

“The Machine” starts with an epic intro that builds anticipation and will prepare you for the heavy and technical metal riff that comes at the verse, it’s a great gig and record opener that’ll definitely get the fans on their feet. The verse riff is pretty interesting, it is heavy as hell and layered with a guitar melody that feels like shredding in the background and the vocal melody flows smoothly with it and gets higher and progresses with it as the song goes. I loved how the bridge came at the right time to break the flow of the verse and then comes that larger-than-life, melodic chorus that gave the music some space to breathe throughout all this intensity and headbanging. Now, do we need to talk about the solos? The answer is DEFINITELY, “The Machine” has not only a guitar solo but, a keyboard solo too! They both act like they are answering each other in an intense conversation that starts with the kind of proggy with some futuristic melodies keyboard solo and is answered by an old school heavy metal shredding that takes the song’s intensity and heaviness to a whole new level and at the moment it ends, the sound opens into a sweet, beautiful melody that smoothly takes you to a heavy outro reminding you of where all of this came from.
“The Machine” is a modern metal piece fusing a lot of influences and expertise by Rene Sagnelli into nearly 5:30 minutes of epic melodies and heavy riffing that’ll fuel your rage towards “The Machine”. It has a neat production with everything layered properly and clearly, awesome dynamics, and for sure GROOVE. Totally recommended for heavy and proggy music fans and looking forward to what Rene got in store.

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