The Lovers were the last ones to leave us the new intriguing alternative rock release from Rosa Caelum based in West Midlands, UK. On the 13th of January. 

You will get so addicted to the intoxicating guitar riffs and seductive lyrics. As a collective, the band members have been friends since forever. The way the song just makes you want to be in a mosh pit with them and just drown in the heavy rock atmosphere they emit so powerfully. 

This song is about love and seduction. It’s about finding somebody to be your first and last. Serving big emotional plates of feelings, the song has the dirty rock vibe mixed with high-intensity alternative rock. The overall sound of the song is dark, and daunting and has a lot of sexy undertones. The song fills the air with magic and smokiness. The musical arrangement is extremely rich, with a very cool and fast electric guitar power chord riff that hooks you to the song, then there are very heavy drums and cymbals that lead the pace. When the song slows completely in some of the transitions, you only get some deep, sweet bass and drums that fill the space. As you’re being flirted with in the song, the vocals are emotive, sometimes high pitched, and longing for something, we’re guessing it’s that beautiful girl! Guitar shredding and intense transitions in between moods, this song will totally change your day and power you with some hard-hitting emotions and really cool rock music