Ever felt envious of a bird soaring freely through the sky? That’s the feeling Mark Howard captures in his indie rock song “The Light Behind Us.” 

Through his emotive rock tunes, the Phillip Island-based artist, Mark Howard expresses a deep longing for liberation. It’s a kind of song you listen to find a sense of serenity, solace in shared emotions, and the motivation to break free from the constraints.

“The Light Behind Us” is a fittingly titled song, an anthem for liberation that urges us to search for the light within the darkness of life’s complexities and limitations. The beauty of the song lies in how each element comes together to offer a “free spirit” vibe, lending credibility to the song’s theme. Howard’s powerful, sensational vocals and the tranquil yet fiery performance he delivers bring the message in the poetic, introspective lyrics to life. The instruments weave a carefree rock ambiance, with the rebellious delivery of the guitar and drums providing a powerful backdrop for Howard’s anthemic singing.

Not only is the song itself touching and positive, but the story behind it is as well. As Howard says: “I sat down with my guitar and a bird came tapping at my window. I wrote down the first lyric and got down to work. Once I had the blueprint, I took it to the studio, tried a few different keys and tempos until I found a place where the song came to life.”

If you’ve never experienced the feeling of shining light and cold breeze of air through a song, listen to “The Light Behind Us” below to experience it. Wait for the upcoming album “Deep Dark Blue.”