Christina Jansen

Lapels are a fast rising 4-piece indie rock band from Britain, they released two singles “All Things Down To You” and “Warning Lights” in 2021 which were compared to Britain’s classic bands like Oasis and Blur so, when it came to their 3rd single “The Life and Times” they decided to break the cycle and show their capabilities by writing a more melodic downtempo tune and we’re gonna dig deep into it in this review.

Although “The Life and Times” is Lapels’ 3rd single but, it already sounds like a classic. It is well written with a fair number of movements and changes that’s structured smoothly in an interesting flow. I loved the raw start with the acoustic guitar and vocals but, what’s more interesting is how the electric guitar, bass and drums sneak in smoothly to lift the music while Nathan is keeping his natural, from the heart tone. The song progress and elevates as it goes into a more dynamic form and that energetic guitar melody mixed with the organ at min 2:00 is insane and it transitions seamlessly into the outro with no trouble.

“The Life and Times” is a good example of how to write a good song using good songwriting skills without overdoing things or flexing your technicalities. It’s straight forward and easy to comprehend and relate to and I believe this is going to be one of their fans’ favorites. Looking forward for more from Lapels and maybe an album/ep to see how those songs will look together in a solid bundle.