Brian Corley

The Portland-based band The Mars McClanes just dropped a single that got all our eyes and ears on, just like the hypothetical character it tells the story of would like.

The Liar is among the string of singles that the band dropped throughout the year. with tight production and solid, solid, songwriting. The Liars in particular sees the band having a blast telling us about this not-real-not-hypothetical character that pathologically lies their way to the attention of the easily led at the party. The properly sleep words are set to a rocking backdrop. A hammering, railroad drum beat paves the way for some economical guitar work that plays dirty riffs throughout the riffs, and breaks down into a shimmery arpeggio for the sweet, melodic chorus.

The band tells us that when writing the lyrics for this song, they could not stop adding verses. They must have met a ton of liars throughout their lives to have a collection of fantastical tales this extensive. They settled on a cheeky verse of a grandma that got signed to play for the Yankees, and once killed a man with a thirty-dollar bill. the second one tells a fantastical tale of an army of deers that built a castle in the jungle with tires and old snow chains. The singing is infectious and the 2 name drops in particular are beautifully placed and sung in a very catchy way. Crazy reach and impressive control.

The Mars McClanes music is colorful alt-country. Moderately heavy, and endlessly compelling. The Liar has some of the most fun lyrics and sounds that I’ve heard come out of that genre for months. It’s an easy-to-recommend listen, from an easy-to-recommend act.