The Last Vegas Album had a bit of a complication for me, because it had both really good and really bad songs, as if they have worked hard on some and then thought “we really need to finish this album so let’s just pull some more music out of our ass and get it done with!”

Started off their album with the first song on the list, ‘Touch the sky’, and it started off well, for the first few seconds, I was expecting some sort of 80s theatric rock, then it suddenly turned into something I would probably hear in a 60 horror-comedy movie. My excitement went down really fast.

Next song was ‘I Miss You’, it kinda feels like a grease song if grease was a little more down-tone and depressing. And let’s face it, the lyrics really weren’t all that creative, this one seemed like one of those out of the ass song I’m talking about.

And then I hear, ‘Sweet Salvation’. Finally a good song! The lyrics are creative and thought through, the music has great rhythm, that is a song that they have been working on well, probably why they named their album after it.

So their entire album is working in ups and downs, some are good and some are bad. This band has talent but either they are just too lazy or they care more about image than they do about the actual work!