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We all get that spur of energy…

…out of nowhere…and for no reason, we just feel like we just got shot with adrenaline…

That is exactly the kind of adrenaline shot that’s offered by Fonzy and Company’s single “The Kids Stay Home”…

The energy is just…in your face, you feel the tingle in your legs…and you can’t avoid it…it will make you jump.

Fonzy and Company hails from Bristol, United Kingdom.

When it comes to music, the UK has one of the most impressive musical CVs in history.

GLK Media

Fonzy and Company are adding to their mark in that CV with their song “The Kids Stay Home”…

…the song talks about how authority figures might use their place of power to belittle the rest…

‘You’re not experienced enough’…’you don’t know yet’…’you can’t do it’…but then, how will we gain experience?

All people in these kinds of power positions, authority figures…they all made bad decisions and made mistakes…and that is how they learned and climbed up to that place…why don’t they want us too to experience life with all its good and bad…that’s just being human.

I love how this topic is discussed in the song, absolutely loving it.

From a more technical point of view, this song has been produced at Innersound Audio (Asking Alexandria, Glamour Of The Kill, Skarlett Riot) and promoted by San PR and Glasstone Records.

The track definitely has some roots in punk rock…say Green Day and Foo Fighters kind of energy.

Well, why don’t we get into the song experience, go a bit deeper…

The song starts out with a riff…muted…filtered…until the ride starts to shimmer…then everything comes to life with full color and the ride really begins.

Of course, we are in for a super energetic ride, the verses are already very powerful with the drums driving the energy forward…there are points where the drums shift gears and go into a more mellow mood, but that doesn’t stay for long.

Guitars…again, the energy is driven forward with these guys…and let’s not forget, we have a pretty energetic guitar solo…I just love it when rock songs have a solo…actually if any song has a solo, that’s always a musical treat and an ear candy that I love to enjoy.

The song always keeps the energy upfront…and the bridge is crafted and placed strategically to manage the energy levels of the audience and the whole performance, specially placing the solo after it…

Everything about “The Kids Stay Home” screams quality.

We wish you all the best in the world…and a bit more…we will be looking out for new energetic vibes from you. Bring it on.


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