To get their fans excited about their upcoming EP, British rockers Ten Eighty Trees dropped their latest single “The Incubator” on the 23rd of August. With hard rocking riffs, catchy grooves, and expressive vocals, “The Incubator” shows Ten Eighty Trees’ writing skills and sense of dynamics. So let’s see how it goes,

“The Incubator” got me off my seat right from its powerful intro waiting for what’s coming next just to get hit by a heavy-hitting verse. The energetic heavy riffing in the verse with that power-driven vocal delivery will get you headbanging instantly, I believe this is going to sound amazing when played live. The chorus took a dynamic twist by being less heavy while keeping the groove alive giving the vocal melody the space to shine. It has a really interesting structure with hyped-up dynamics that’ll get you hooked once you push play.

“The Incubator” sounds like a well-organized riot! It has an energetic and engaging structure with well-written and arranged dynamics. It’ll keep you off your feet and release a lot of anger without losing its melodic core. I’ll be keeping an eye on Ten Eighty Trees and will definitely be looking forward to more, cheers!