Do you have the courage or don’t?! Sometimes you spend your whole life trying to hide your personality and keep pretending that you’re someone else. This isn’t the case here with the talented remarkable artist Eric Bolton. Check out my chat with him below talking more about his philosophy, latest release, and personality. Let’s get started!

Bolton is the lead singer of the rock band Shy Harry, through his solo career he preferred to express more about his personality and struggles. His previous single marked himself coming out as gay at the age of 31, and this one explores the struggle of having to hide who he was for his entire adult life. The track is very smooth. It’s kind of a mellow rock style, I love the guitar riffs as well as its harmony, which served the track very well. Bolton has a very strong voice, a deep voice really, in which it would be very hard that you cannot adore it from the first moment. Although the beats are a bit basic, they still, delivered the idea of the track perfectly, but I would say my favourite part along with his voice is the soloing! WOW! Great sense indeed! The music video is simple as well, but I loved it really too, in fact, the concept of the mirror gave it a shine for sure.

“I wrote this song back in 2015/2016 in a time of leaving the church world I’d been brought up in.  Back then, I was really starting to see that what I’d been raised to believe about myself and what I was told to do with my life didn’t align with what I felt inside and what I really believed was right.   I began trying to pursue that inner light that was real and honest. After coming out and learning to build a life that is authentic to me and my true self, now felt like the right time to release this song. It was like past Eric wrote it for this present Eric.” – Eric said.

The music has been written and composed by Eric Bolton, while he performed the vocals, guitars, bass, and organ. Drums were performed by Ryan Whitney, and for the audio engineering and production by it was by Zach Gerber of Skytrack Studios. The videography, it’s done by Connor Jarvie. Feel the vibes below!

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